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A little about the the NY Local Series… As so many of my couples are eloping from out of town, I often find myself fielding all sorts of questions from how to elope in NYC, what are the best neighborhoods for photos or what to do if it rains. After 7 years in the city, I’m using this series to share all my local NYC knowledge along with other helpful tips for clients getting married in New York.

(I also have updated an FAQ page, for any other questions you might have! In case you missed it, previous posts in this series can be found here.)

NYC Subway Weding Photos

Elopement Transportation Questions: The Best Ways Get Around NYC

This post is all about transit. NYC is such a different place then most people have experienced and lots of my clients have questions about how they should get around for their wedding.

Subway? Taxi? Private Car? Which is the best?

In the end, it all comes down to personal preference, budget and convenience. Whatever your decision, here are few tips to keep in mind for each. However, my biggest transportation tip? If you’re someone who is going to be wearing heels on your wedding day, bring flats! You’re going to be walking a lot in NYC regardless of the transit option you chose, and hurting feet do not equal happy photos.

Wedding Transportation NYC

Is it ok to take the subway on our wedding day?

Answer: Of course! I actually think photos in the subway can be fun and they certainly add an element of “real New York” that you’re not going to get in any other place. It’s also the most budget friendly option.

I’m happy to help you navigate the subway wherever we’re headed for photos and my camera gear is always on my back so it’s easy to transport around.

NYC Elopement Photographer

Things to know:

Cost: $2.75 per ride. When you arrive in town, if you’ll be taking the subway to tour the city (which is highly advisable) you should buy a metro-card with your fare at a machine in any station. The card costs $1 and can be refilled. You can chose between time or value. If you’re here at least a few days, you can purchase a 7 day unlimited pass for $31.  Otherwise, if you’re only thinking you’ll ride a few times, just add value.

Busy Factor: The subway is obviously more crowded during rush hours. If your wedding will be taking place during these times, especially if you plan to be on the East side of Manhattan near the 456 line I might advise against the subway as it will be mighty crowded and can be uncomfortable. Outside of rush hour, it’s usually just fine.

Photos in the Subway for New York Wedding

Subway Wedding Photos

Popular Train Stops for Elopements:

Central Park: There are several stops close to Central Park. For those getting married around Ladies Pavilion, or Shakespeare’s Garden you’ll need the 81st Street/Natural History Museum stop on the B or C line. (Make sure to switch to the C NOT the A train, otherwise you’ll end up way past the park in Harlem.)

For those at Wagner’s Cove or Bethesda Terrace/Bow Bridge area, you can get off at 72nd Street on the B or C.

Cop Cot is closest to the 57th Street F Train.

City Hall: closest to the 456 (Green) City Hall/Brooklyn Bridge stop. Also close to the City Hall stop on the R, and slightly further from Chambers Street Station on the 123 (Red) or A/C (Blue).

Brooklyn Bridge Park/DUMBO: Closest train stops are York Street on the F train for DUMBO and High Street/Brooklyn Bridge on the A/C train for Brooklyn Bridge Park. These stops will be a slight walk from your final destination.

Creative Elopements NYC

What about taking a cab?

Taking a cab is the other primary way to get around NYC and great for a wedding as you won’t have to walk quite as far as you would with the subway. They also make for excellent classic NY photos. Just be sure to allot for traffic, especially during rush hour, if you are going cross town (ie west to east or vice versa) or anywhere near mid-town.

NYC CheckerCab Wedding

Things to Know:

How to pay: All NYC cabs are required to accept credit cards and cash as payment.

You can hail cabs on virtually any street within Manhattan, and they are also common within some parts of Brooklyn and Queens.

Around 4:30pm there is a shift change and occasionally cabs are less likely to be found around this time. Rainy days are also notoriously hard to catch a cab.

The difference between green cabs and yellow cabs:

Yellow cabs must pick you up wherever you are and have to take you wherever you want to go within NYC’s 5 boroughs.  (Don’t let them tell you they won’t take you to Brooklyn!)

Green Cabs: These are borough taxis. They can only pick you up in Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx or in upper Manhattan. They aren’t allowed to pick up fares below 110th on the West side or 96th on the East Side. They can drop you off wherever you would like to go.

Classic Checkercab Elopement NYC

How can we get one of those cool vintage checker cabs??

I LOVE taking photos with the old school checker cabs! While these aren’t allowed to accept fares, then can meet you at your wedding location and make for super fun photo ops. For previous weddings, clients have hired Film Cars and it’s worked out great.

Uber and Lyft: The other taxi option.

If you have a smart phone, you can get a car to come pick you up wherever you are. Uber has fancier black cars, as well as regular ones. Make sure to get the app, set up your account and you’re good to go! Your ride will be deducted from your account, no need to pay on the spot. Uber and Lyft make getting around with a private car very easy. They are especially useful if you’re trying to get somewhere without easy accessible public transport or in the outer boroughs. They’ll also come to you rather then you having to go find a taxi.

What about a Private Driver? 

The last option for getting around for your elopement is to hire a private driver. This can be really nice if you’re hoping to go multiple locations and don’t want to worry about hailing a cab each time. If you’re looking into this option, I suggest speaking to your hotel and then can easily set something up for you.

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