Q: How long have you been doing this?

A: I’ve been taking pictures as long as I could hold a camera and honed my skills in the darkroom shooting film in high school and college. I photographed my first wedding professionally in 2007. I made the decision to go full time with my business in 2012. As a professional I have been honored to photograph literally hundreds weddings and elopements.

Q: When will we get our images?

A: I offer you a sneak peek usually within 24-48 hours, so you’ll have a few images to share with family and friends right away. You can expect to receive your full set of images in about 4-6 weeks.

Q: We hate getting our picture taken. Can you help?

A: Right? I know. Me too. I’m awkward as all get out when I have to get in front of the camera. Unless you’re a famous person used to having paparazzi follow you around most people aren’t comfortable in front of a lens. My style is all about getting you to have fun, to laugh, to just enjoy your time together. Then in the process, we get some pretty awesome photos along the way. I promise to make things as painless as possible. I work under the assumption that if you’re relaxed and genuinely having a good time, you are much less likely to look posey, stiff and awkward, and much more likely to look like you like each other and this whole getting married business, which is a good thing, yes? Yes. Happiness looks good on everyone.

New York Wedding Photographer

Q: What piece of advice do you give to all couples?

A: Plan more time then you think you need! Time always goes by extraordinarily fast on wedding days. Especially when planning getting ready timelines, make sure to plan in extra time. The worst that will happen? You’ll have a few minutes to catch your breath and relax before you head out to get married.

Q: How much time should we plan for portraits?

A: This depends on a couple factors. Mainly, do you want portraits in different locations? If so, we’ll have to plan for travel. For a regular wedding timeline if I can have 45 minutes to an hour of time with just the couple and 30 minutes for family formals that’s ideal. Every wedding is different, and I’ll do my best with the time allotted, but a minimum of 30 minutes with you as a couple is always appreciated. I’m happy to help you work out the best timeline to fit your day.

For elopement timelines, plan on 40 minutes to an hour for each location you’d like for portraits. 3 hours is usually just perfect for getting ready, a ceremony, and then portraits in a location or two.

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 Q: What type of equipment do you use?

A: I’m a Nikon girl. My grandfather shot Nikon, I started out learning to shoot film on Nikon, and well, I love my Nikon cameras. I currently work with professional Nikon bodies, both mirrorless and DSLR and a variety of pro lenses and lighting equipment.

Q: Do you have backups?

A: Most definitely. In addition, once I get home from a shoot, all of your photos are backed up on multiple hard drives and to the cloud.

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Brooklyn Elopement Photographer

Q: Engagement photos…Aren’t these kind of silly?

A: Well, they can be, if you want them to be. But they can also be fun. They are also really useful for us to get to know each other before your wedding. If you’re not as comfortable in front of the camera, they can be a great chance to get used to the idea of getting your picture taken. Plus, it can be nice to have some good photos of yourselves not in your wedding finery. My suggestion is to pick an activity. Pick something you like doing together and we can go from there. Museums, bike riding, a beer in your favorite bar, eating ice cream cones, walks in the woods or through your neighborhood, carnival games, snuggles on the couch on a Sunday morning. All these things can work out great!

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Q: When should we have our ceremony and/or take our photos?

A: I’m SO glad you asked! Most people don’t think about light when picking a time for their photos, which is normal. However, light is my business as a photographer. While I am of course equipped to take photos at any point during the day, if you give me a choice and are looking for the best possible photos, I will tell you to avoid harsh midafternoon sun. Go with early morning just after sunrise or early evening just before sunset. This is what photographers refer to as the “golden hour”. The light is, as the name suggests, golden; it’s soft and beautiful and delicious. You won’t be squinting back at me, the shadows won’t be harsh, and, if it’s summer, it will be much cooler so you won’t be sweating like crazy.

Sunrise is especially wonderful in the city because it’s the one time of day the city is quiet and peaceful. At sunrise we can get places like Central Park or Brooklyn Bridge almost to ourselves, a rarity at other points in time. If you can do the early wake up call, it is absolutely worth it.

For more information check out my post on The Best Time of Day for Wedding Photos.

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 Q: We’re from abroad, we want to get married in New York. Help! How do we do that?

A: Read this post first on how to elope in NYC. Probably about 90% of my elopement couples are from out of state or international, so I’m very used to helping people around the city. I’m happy to help with timelines, location ideas, and general suggestions for how to get around and where to go. All you need is a marriage license 24 hours in advance from the City Clerk’s Office (141 Worth Street) and an officiant and you’re good to go. If you want the fancy stuff like flowers or hair and make-up, I can certainly offer suggestions with vendors I trust.

Q: How long does it take to get married at City Hall?

A: City Hall is super unpredictable. Read my post here: How to Get Married at City Hall in NYC for more information about updates on the policies since Covid.

Q: Will you be our witness?

A: Of course! I would be honored to serve as your witness and charge no extra fee to cheer you on and offer congratulatory hugs.

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Q: When will we receive our photos?

A: You can expect to receive your images in about 4-6 weeks. They will be lovingly hand edited then delivered via online gallery where you can share them, download them, and order prints to your hearts content.

Q: Can we order albums?

A: Of course! I offer all kinds of album options and think they’re amazing for preserving your photos for future generations and allow you to enjoy your photos in your hands year after year. Just ask me for more details.

Q: Where should we take photos? 

A: This town is FULL of amazing places for photo taking. You can literally get married pretty much anywhere you like, from the Staten Island Ferry to the top of Rockefeller Center. Find a place that represents you and your partner and what you love. Whether that’s a quiet garden or somewhere with a dramatic skyline backdrop, I’m happy to help you find the perfect spot for a ceremony or for your portraits. The thing I love the most is when couples are willing to get off the beaten path a bit. We could take the tram to Roosevelt Island, scope out the George W Bridge or the Cloisters from Fort Tryon Park, wander the waterfront and have key lime pie and lobster rolls in Red Hook. Elope in front of the last remaining lighthouse on Manhattan. Get some funky street art photos in Greenpoint, Bushwick or the Lower East Side. Oogle the skyline from Gantry Plaza. Get killer views of the Upper East Side on Randall’s Island. Enjoy a quiet stroll through Carl Schurz Park. Hop on ferry to Govenors Island in the summer. The options are endless and I’m happy to help you find somewhere awesome and capture the real New York.

Staten Island Ferry Elopement

 Q: All this sounds awesome. How do we book you?

A: Great! I require a deposit and a signed contract to reserve your date. Once you’re ready to go, shoot me an email and let’s work out the details!

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