The Best Wedding Ceremony Spots at Brooklyn Bridge Park

One of the most frequent questions I get from couples is “Where should we elope in New York?” If you’re looking to have your wedding ceremony outside of City Hall then you have more options then you can count. (If you’re looking for where to take photos after your City Hall Wedding, check out this post!) There are so many great spots in NYC for a wedding ceremony, from Top of the Rock to tiny East Village community gardens to the Staten Island Ferry and everywhere in between. However, one of the most popular places to elope in New York is Brooklyn Bridge Park, and with good reason. There are few places in NYC where you can get a more iconic skyline view of the city. I’ve photographed locals and visitors alike in this amazing park.

Wedding Photos in Brooklyn Bridge Park at Sunset

What are the best spots to have a wedding ceremony in Brooklyn Bridge Park?

The thing about Brooklyn Bridge Park is that it’s huge! If you’re not sure where to have your wedding ceremony in Brooklyn Bridge Park this post will hopefully help you pick a good spot! Brooklyn Bridge Park is divided up into a number of piers along the river. Currently, there are Piers numbered 1-6 and then there is a final section to the north called John Street. Each section has a great view of the Manhattan skyline, but has a slightly different feel. Some spots are also much quieter than others.

Two Bridge Getting Married in Brooklyn

Most Popular Spots for Wedding Ceremonies in Brooklyn Bridge Park

These two locations are probably the most popular for elopement or wedding ceremonies in Brooklyn Bridge Park. They also work well if you have a somewhat larger group.

Empire Fulton Ferry Boardwalk:

This spot in front of Jane’s Carousel is probably the most popular for wedding ceremonies. The backdrop is iconic with the stretch of the Brooklyn Bridge, and you can get a nice little corner of boardwalk, so it centers itself ideally for a ceremony. It can be a busy stretch at certain times of day, but I’ve always found tourists and locals alike to be very respectful. It’s also easy to find since the carousel is a landmark in itself.

You can also walk down a bit further along the boardwalk if you’d like to get away from any crowds, but I find the spot in front of the carousel has the best open space for groups.

UPDATE: There is a new plaza, called the Emily Roebling Plaza that just opening in December of 2021 that looks like it will be beautiful for photos. It has a similar backdrop in spots to the place in front of Jane’s Carousel, but there’s also some great landscaping and some great views of the Manhattan Bridge as well. It will be a fun place to check out!

Wedding Ceremony with Brooklyn Bridge Two Grooms Getting Married in Brooklyn

Wedding with Ceremony with Children in Brooklyn

Pebble Beach:

Pebble Beach is part of the Main Street section of the park and offers another iconic skyline view with the full expanse of the Brooklyn Bridge behind you!  Depending on the time of day and the tides, you’ll have more or less beach to work with. The only thing I always caution about this location is that it can get loud. The subways rumble just overhead on the Manhattan Bridge and if you have vows you’d like guests to hear, it can be difficult at times. This is also another spot where you will certainly be getting cheered on by onlookers if you’re at any time other then sunrise.

Wedding Ceremony on Pebble Beach Brooklyn Brooklyn Wedding Photographer More Ideas for Elopement or Wedding Ceremony Locations in Brooklyn Bridge Park

Along Pier 1:

I’ve done a few ceremonies along the walk here. You get a nice wide view of the Manhattan skyline, and the Brooklyn Bridge to the side. Unless it’s earlier morning, you’ll certainly have people strolling past, however the crowd is less concentrated than on the ferry landing and you have a wide expanse of area to work with. It’s especially nice all the way down on the end past the big granite staircase.

Brooklyn Bridge Park Ceremony Spots

Two Grooms Getting Married in Brooklyn Bridge Park

Granite Prospect

This is the grand stair case on Pier 1. From the top you get a really nice view of the skyline, and it can be a bit shaded in summer. If you want to have your ceremony actually on the stairs, this is a spot that usually requires a permit.

Granite Prospect Wedding Ceremony

View of guests at Granite Prospect Ceremony

There are also several green lawns with views of the Statue of Liberty or the Brooklyn Bridge.

Sunset in Brooklyn Bridge Park

Rooftop Wedding Ceremonies in Brooklyn Bridge Park

Empire Stores Building:

This is a great spot for a ceremony, pending the time of day you opt for. Since Empire Stores has opened it’s roof deck, there is now restaurant seating up here and it’s no longer the secret it once was. However, the view is still great and it’s still a great spot for photos. I would say that the best time for a ceremony here now is going to be before 10am, as that’s when the restaurants open and you’ll have more competition for the space.

 Wedding Ceremony in Brooklyn Bridge ParkTwo Brides Getting Married in Brooklyn

Wedding Ceremony on Empire Stores Brooklyn Bridge Park

Garden Wedding at Brooklyn Bridge Park

Would you like to save the skyline for portraits and want a more tucked away spot for your ceremony? The Max Family Garden can be a great little spot. There’s of pretty trees and shrubs, and it’s much quieter since it’s off the main boardwalk. You can do a ceremony here and then head out onto the riverfront for photos and it works out great!

Max Family Garden Wedding Brooklyn Bridge Park Max Family Garden Wedding Brooklyn Bridge Park CeremonyOff the Beaten Path Spots for Wedding Ceremonies in Brooklyn Bridge Park

John Street:

This is the last section to the north of Brooklyn Bridge Park. Most spaces are quite narrow, so I wouldn’t advise this area if you have a lot of guests, but for just a couple and an officiant it can a slightly more unique vantage point, and offer views of the Manhattan Bridge. It’s also usually very quiet as not too many folks make it this far.

John Street Brooklyn Bridge Park Wedding

Elopement in Brooklyn

Pier 3:

This pier is smack in the middle and has some nice landscaping, cool public art installations and also great Manhattan views. This might be my new favorite spot in Brooklyn Bridge Park for ceremonies! It’s an easy walk from the Fulton Ferry Landing in case you also want some of the more well known spots for photos. It has a great view, and even on a Saturday afternoon in the summer time, it’s very quiet. There’s also a pier with a little beach right next to it, so if you want to pretend you’re somewhere tropical with your toes in the sand, this could be your spot.

Pier 6:

All the way at the south end, this spot has more prominent views of the skyline rather than the Brooklyn Bridge, and leads to easy access to Cobble Hill/Brooklyn Heights should you want to incorporate some pretty brownstone streets to your session.

Pier 6 Brooklyn

Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 6 Wedding Ceremony

What you should know about having your elopement in Brooklyn Bridge Park

Where ever you chose for your wedding or elopement ceremony, Brooklyn Bridge Park is always a great spot. Things to know about having your ceremony here:

Do you need a permit?

It depends, but usually not. Are you having a small short ceremony with fewer then 10-15 guests? Then no, you shouldn’t need a permit. You can show up with your officiant and tie the knot without another worry. Would you like to have a bigger gathering or use amplified sound? Then yes, you might. You can find all the information you need about permits on the site.

What if it rains?

This is a tricky thing that is always hard when planning a park wedding. Generally speaking, there aren’t too many back up options that will be comparable to the view you’d get on along the waterfront. There is a huge archway in Dumbo that be a quick stand in. I’ve also had luck taking photos around the One Brooklyn Bridge Hotel, they have a covered walkway trimmed with lovely plants. However, that space is up to the discretion of the hotel. A quick ceremony without guests in the early morning hours? I think it could fly. A large party on a Saturday afternoon? Not going to happen.

Otherwise, umbrellas are always a great option, we could hop on a ferry boat, or you could also move somewhere covered like Grand Central Station. More ideas can be found here: what to do if it rains on your wedding day.

Rainy Day Wedding Ceremony Outside

What else is there besides the skyline?

The great thing about Brooklyn Bridge Park is there are so many options for surrounding neighborhood photos. Are you looking for something a bit grittier? Some street art? Dumbo has you covered. Maybe some green space with lots of trees? It’s got that too! Would you like some classic brownstone Brooklyn streets? We can head up the hill into Brooklyn Heights or farther south into Cobble Hill. That street that is the most instagrammed street ever with the Manhattan Bridge in the background? It’s here. (By warned though, if you want a photo at this spot at any other time then sunrise, and sometimes even then, we’ll be fighting crowds.)

Grooms with Street Art in Brooklyn

Washington Street Dumbo Wedding

Brooklyn Heights Wedding Photos

What about photos on the Brooklyn Bridge itself?

This is a question I get a lot. If you want to take wedding or elopement photos actually on the Brooklyn Bridge, the only time of day I can whole heartedly recommend this is sunrise or close to it. We can certainly do it at any point, it’s very easily accessible via a staircase in Dumbo, however anytime past early morning and we will be wrestling with huge crowds and dodging bikers. If you don’t mind tourists in the background of your shots, that’s totally fine, but it can be overwhelming for some to take photos here later in the day.

Brooklyn Bridge at Sunrise with Two Grooms

Bride and Groom on Brooklyn Bridge

How do you get to Brooklyn Bridge Park for a wedding?

This totally depends on your preferences. I’ve had couples take the subway; A train to High Street Brooklyn Bridge or F to York Avenue are your closest stops for most of the park.

You can grab a cab or car service. If you do use the following for where to have them drop you off.

Pier 1: 1 Water Street (bottom of the hill by the Brooklyn Ice cream factory at Old Fulton Street)

Pier 3: You can get dropped off in a little pull in (by a row of citi bikes) along Furman Street. Alternatively, it’s also just a short walk from the One Brooklyn Bridge Hotel at the corner of Doughty and Furman Streets.

Pebble Beach: Corner of Plymouth and Main Street

Empire Fulton Ferry Boardwalk/Janes Carousel/Empire Stores: Corner of Dock Street and Water Street

Pier 6: Corner of Atlantic Ave and Brooklyn Park Drive

John Street: Corner of Adams Street and John Street

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