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Pauline & Leanne: Sneak Peek! | NYC Elopement Photographer | New York City Hall Wedding

Hey everyone! I’m back from an amazing trip and ready to kick off the 2015 season. I can’t think of a better way to start things off then with this super fun city hall elopement. I had an absolute ball with these two aussie ladies this morning. We got through City Hall in record time and then they were troopers through the cold and we had a great time wandering all through Tribeca and down to the waterfront.

Huge congrats to Pauline and Leanne! More to come, safe travels back to Sydney!
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Kyoko & Nami: Sneak Peek! | City Hall Wedding Photographer | Brooklyn Bridge Park Elopement

I had such a lovely time with Kyoko and Nami, my very first couple from Japan! City Hall was a complete madhouse today, but we made it through! After their ceremony at the Manhattan Marriage Bureau, we headed across the bridge to shoot in Brooklyn and enjoy the perfect winter sunny afternoon.

Kyoko and Nami, enjoy the rest of your trip to NYC, more photos to come! Congratulations!

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Esther Maria & Manny | Elope in New York | Central Park Wedding at the Ladies Pavilion

Esther Maria and Manny eloped in a beautiful evening ceremony at Central Park’s Ladies Pavilion earlier this summer.  These two have known each other for many years and decided it was finally time to tie the knot. They are both avid travelers, getting engaged on a trip to Italy in Florence, so I was sure we would get along wonderfully!

The ceremony was attended by their families and then they sped off for a romantic dinner. Perfection.

Congratulations Esther Maria and Manny! Best wishes to you both!
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Diana & Josiah: Sneak Peek! | NYC Elopement Photographer | Gapstow Bridge | Central Park

Diana and Josiah came down from Boston to get hitched in Central Park! Aren’t they an adorable couple?? I had a lovely time wandering Central Park with them and their parents after their ceremony by the Gapstow Bridge. Lots more to come!


Elope in Central Park NYC Elopement Photographer Central Park Elopement Black and White Elopement Photographer NYC

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Christy & Rachel: Sneak Peek! | Central Park Elopement | Cop Cot

Christy and Rachel are visiting from North Carolina this weekend and they decided to make their trip extra special by getting married as well! These ladies have been together almost 25 years and I was honored to capture their wedding in Central Park’s Cop Cot shelter. After the ceremony we had a great (though a bit chilly) time wandering through the park for a few more photos.

Congratulations! More photos on the way soon! :-)

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Angela & Chris: Sneak Peek! | New York Elopement | NYC City Hall Wedding Photographer

I had a lovely afternoon with these two, who came down from Canada to elope in New York! They were married at City Hall and then we popped over the bridge for photos around Brooklyn Bridge Park. More to come!

Congratulations to you both!

City Hall Wedding Ceremony Elope in New York Brooklyn Elopement Brooklyn Bridge Park DUMBO Wedding Photographer

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Aimee & Jamie | New York Elopement Photographer | Central Park Conservatory Gardens

I had a great evening with Aimee and Jamie for their elopement this summer in Central Park’s Conservatory Gardens! I met up with them by Bethesda Terrace for photos around the Bow Bridge and the mall, and then we hopped in a cab to meet their families. If you’ve never trekked north to this section of the park, I highly recommend it! It’s like being transported to a royal European garden. On a weekday evening like this one, it was quiet and beautiful, wonderful for an intimate wedding. (Just take note… if you do want to take photos or have your ceremony here, it’s the one section the of the park where you must have a permit. They’re very strict.)

Aimee and Jamie were married by the always lovely Judie Guild, and then we spent a bit more time with photos around the Conservatory Garden. The next day they jetted off to Bali for a romantic honeymoon! Perfection.

Thanks to you both so much for having me and a heartfelt congratulations! Cheers!

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Emma & Matthew: Sneak Peek! | NYC Elopement Photographer | Grand Central

It was a rainy, dreary day outside in the city today, but I had a lovely afternoon with Emma and Matthew inside Grand Central! These guys hopped over from England to elope in NYC and then are jetting down to Florida tomorrow for their honeymoon.

Congratulations and best wishes to you both! More to come!
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Gemma & Jordan | New York Elopement Photographer | City Hall Wedding

I had such a lovely morning with these two Aussies! Gemma and Jordan made the trip from down under to get married on what turned out to be one of the hottest days of the summer. However they were troopers in the heat, and reason number 436 why taking photos early morning is the way to go. These guys were so laid back, in fact, the airlines lost Gemma’s luggage and she had to buy a wedding dress the day before. But she handled it in stride and still ended up in a lovely dress, take that for being relaxed under pressure!

I had such a great time with this session as Gemma and Jordan said they just wanted to wander the city and find some great streets, awesome! As much as I love Central Park, there are so many wonderful little nooks and neighborhoods in this city, exploring them with a fun loving couple camera in hand is one of my favorite things! For this session we wandered down through Soho and then hopped over to Tribeca and the waterfront before heading across to City Hall for their ceremony where we met up with their friends. Gemma even finished off the afternoon with a bouquet toss off the courthouse steps! Awesome.

Gemma and Jordan, thanks so much to you both! Congratulations and best wishes! :-)

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Gustavo & Isabela | Brooklyn Elopement Photographer | Sunrise on the Brooklyn Bridge

Gustavo and Isabela are two grad students from Brazil who decided to elope to New York City! Although they didn’t end up having their ceremony in the US, we still met up for portraits in Brooklyn Bridge Park, DUMBO, and then headed all the way up to Fort Tryon Park as well.

I had a wonderful time with these two, they were so much fun. I was also SO glad they were willing to meet me at sunrise. If you can handle the am wake-up call, dawn light and having no crowds on a place like the Brooklyn Bridge is TOTALLY worth it!

Thank you both so much for having me! Best wishes and congratulations!
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