Hi, I’m Nicki.

De Nueva Photography is my creation.

Getting your picture taken should be fun, not stressful. End of story. It’s about capturing you and your favorite person hanging out, laughing and maybe sharing a snuggle. How you are when the camera isn’t around. What matters is that you’re marrying the most awesome person in the world and you couldn’t be happier. That is what I love to photograph. The fancy details and the shoes are well and good, but seeing yourselves brimming with excitement, dancing with your friends and family or stealing a kiss at sunset? Those are the photos you’ll cherish 30 years from now.

I got my start shooting offbeat and non-traditional weddings, and I still have huge soft-spot for these kinds of celebrations. Whether your wedding is at a cool factory building in Queens, a stunt training center in Brooklyn, a little inn or a barn in the mountains of Vermont, a beach in the Caribbean or a City Hall elopement, I’m there.

Giving Back:

When I started my business, one thing I knew would be part of my plan was using my creative powers for good. I am passionate about social justice issues and worked in the non-profit sector before becoming a photographer full time. When you hire De Nueva Photography you can know that a portion of your dollars are working to make the world a better place.

•I fully support marriage equality and am an LGBTQ advocate and ally. All of my client material is gender neutral.

•I give a portion of my profits back to causes I believe in each year. I am especially passionate about women’s health, marriage equality and LBGTQ issues, education and literacy, sustainable agriculture and immigrant and refugee causes. You can read more about my giving back efforts on my blog.

•I live as green a life as I can and run my business with the same values. My primary lab is a fully certified Forestry Stewardship Council printer. My packaging is made from recycled, earth friendly materials whenever possible.

You can read more about FAQ and Love Notes from clients below:

A bit more about me:

I travel, I cook, I run road races and do triathlons, and I am passionate about social justice causes. Did I mention I travel? At 44 countries and counting, adventure is what keeps my heart happy. I have a weakness for brightly colored doorways and love being barefoot in the grass. I’m a Minnesota girl at heart, but I have grown to love the big city. The light at dawn is my favorite, when I manage to get up for it. Farmers markets make me happy. So do juicy heirloom tomatoes, the first strawberries of the season, a full glass of wine, dark beer, butter pecan ice cream, hiking in the woods, and salsa dancing. I speak Spanish. I practice yoga. I have read Harry Potter more times then I can count and am still waiting on my letter from Hogwarts. I never want to stop exploring. And I’d love to take your picture.

Iceland Photographer

Admiring the view from the basalt columns at Reynisfjara Beach, Iceland.


My work has been published in:

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Equal and Forever
Capital Romance
Swiss Style Magazine
The Knot Magazine
NY Daily News “Down the Aisle” print feature


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Images of me in Brooklyn and Iceland courtesy of Lindsay Taryn Photography